Magneto repairs

While the internal combustion engine remains at the heart of most of today’s vehicles and fuel-powered machinery, there was a time when a magneto was an engine’s pulse, providing power pulses to spark plugs to ignite fuel in internal-combustion engines.

Magnetos were both loved and loathed by early motorists. Loved when they worked, loathed when they failed. For most early drivers and motorcycle riders, vehicle electrics were a dark art and there were even jokes about early vehicle electrics company Lucas and the Prince of Darkness because of questions about the reliability of the Lucas magneto-powered lighting system.

That love-hate relationship with magnetos continues today, particularly with restorers of early vehicles. The hate largely revolves around the difficulties restorers can encounter in their search for the right magneto, magneto repairs or magneto part for their project. The love comes when they unearth that long-sought magneto, part or repair service. Trust us, we know how it feels to make somebody very happy when they discover a long and frustrating search is finally over.

Antique Auto Electrics is a specialist business dedicated to repairing and fixing a wide variety of magnetos for a global market. Regardless of your location globally, send us an email to discuss repairing or restoring your magneto. For comprehensive magneto repairs and restoration contact Antique Auto Electrics now on 0428 353 535 or contact us online.

Coil rewinding

Whatever your antique auto electric coil rewinding requirements, at Antique Auto Electrics in Australia our skilled tradesmen are highly trained in rewinding coils with an incredible precision and dedication to quality. Located in Australia, we service a large international market with our quality services.